Nam Khone School - Youth Empowerment Program

November 1, 2017

Nam Khone School

Mong Pan Youth Association initiate “Nam Khone School”, one-month long intensive social empowerment leadership and advocacy-training program. The training program recruits around 15-20 participants from (Shan, Kayah, Mon and Karen) States whose work focuses on human rights and environmental issue and whose have potential to be affected by the development project along the Than Lwin River Basin in Myanmar. The training program aims to inform the development issue on the Than Lwin river as well as water, land and development project in Myanmar. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the participants’ leadership skills, advocacy skills and build network across nation and region. The content of the training program includes inner peace building, team building, effective communication skills, multi-culture relationship, development issue, human rights and environmental rights, land issues, advocacy and advocacy tools, video as an advocacy tools, fact findings and research methodology, proposal writing and project cycle management. In addition to the knowledge and skills based lessons, Basic English conversation and computer classes also included. In order to build up network with other organizations field trip to partner organizations and a field visit to affected communities by dam projects, coal power plant and mining also putting in the agenda.