International Rivers Day

June 24, 2017

International Rivers Day in 2017

The international Rivers Day event was held on 14 March 2017, at the Than Lwin River bank in Phang Lang village, Khun Hein Township. Around 300 participants across Shan State; Mong Pan, Laung Khur, Kun Heing, Nam Sang, Taunggyi, Tigit, Loi Kaw, Nong Cho, Kun Long, Popa, Ho Pang, Ywar Ngan, Yart Sout, and Taung Ni joined the event showing the solidarity to protect the rivers on the global day campaign against the dam projects.

The Significance of the event

The event was successfully completed with the collective action of many organizations, local communities, local authorities including armed groups and General Administrative Department based in Kun Heing. The CSOs were unified and working so hard to make this event happened. Several preparation meetings were held with the supports of respective organizations such as Metta Development Foundation, Myanmar People Alliance, Our Lovely World, Khan Latt Metta, Danu Youth organization, Danu Literature and Culture Association, Interfaith Youth, Myanmar Institute of Public Policy, Rule of Law, Pala Ngar Than library and One thousand Islands Foundation. The significant of this event was that armed groups and government official came together to show their solidarity on protecting our Mother Than Lwin River.

Some media also covered about our event as below:

International Rivers Day event in Wan Sala village, Mong Ton township, Southern Shan State: