About Us

Mong Pan Youth Association was established in February 2013 by Nang Shining and Sai Hseing Pha in Mong Pan Township, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.


Mong Pan Youth Association will empower Youth in Shan State and communities along the Than Lwin River basin to have a more active role in building peace and sustainable development in line with justice and equality in a long run. (Sustainable Development refers as people are able to solve their own problems, attain inner peace, access to social justice and able to manage their own natural resources and community development)

Goal of Mong Pan Youth Association

  • To enhance the public participation in the national development processes and promote the engagement of marginalized communities and directly impacted communities in decision making processes
  • To hold stakeholders to be accountable and transparent on their project activities
  • To promote the concept of sustainable development and justice to mega development project

Objectives of Mong Pan Youth Association

  • To build leadership skills to active youths and women, community leaders, vulnerable groups through one-month long leadership and advocacy training to be able to engage with the relevant stakeholders
  • To enhance the capacity of women and youths to become a professional social worker
  • To strength the capacity of alumni and to continuous support alumni‚Äôs advocacy work
  • To build a strong network of communities and CSOs for further collaboration to build sustainable peace and development along the Than Lwin River Basin
  • To raise awareness of the current development projects on the mainstream Than Lwin River and Human rights to the target communities
  • To hold the project developers accountable on the mega development projects through evidence based research, video documentary, and awareness raising to multi-stakeholders


We apply different types of approaches to reach our objectives. For the knowledge layer, we provide information through public meetings, trainings, workshops and circulating leaflets and pamphlets. For skill set and value change, we provide intensive training on advocacy skills, building networks and joint action with some other networks, and organizing collective actions along the Thanlwin river basin, as well as nationally and internationally.

Knowledge set: Through trainings, workshops and meetings, we will raise awareness on ongoing development projects and the impacts of mega development projects, providing the relevant data on the updated social and political issues, and sharing information and knowledge regarding the rights of communities.

Skill and value set: Through the advanced advocacy training, collective strategic planning and action, exposure study trip, and ongoing advocacy efforts, we can enhance the relevant institutions/ stakeholders to take the perspective of sustainable development into account and balance the needs of all stakeholders in a fair and transparent way.

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